Helene et les garcons

“Helene et les garcons” – a French television series consisting of 280 episodes (the series) to 26 minutes each, created by Jean-Francois Porro, Production AB Productions and aired on 11 May 1992 to November 22, 1994 on channel TF1. The whole plot is centered on a series the main character – Helene Girard (formerly known on the series ‘first kiss’), which played perfectly french actress and model Helene Rolles.

In the comedy depicts a relationship of 90 students, mostly sentimental.

Helene Girard (older sister Justine, the heroine of the first kisses), she is a sophomore sociology at the University of Paris. She lives in a dorm room and shares with her friends – Katie and Joanna. In the first episode, the girls met the three students: Nicolas Etienne and Kristjan, who in their spare time playing his own rock band. Soon, the pair are formed: Helene with Nicolas, Katie Etienne and Joanne with Kristyanom, whom she calls “My dear Kri-Kri”. In the course of the plot and the pair will break the will of the meetings will form new ones. The same will happen with the musical group of guys, the members will change.

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